Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Even in Government

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Even in Government

30 November 2017

Even outside the arena of Hollywood and media, allegations of sexual harassment continue to make headlines. In one case, former State Assembly member recently settled a $100,000 wrongful termination lawsuit involving sexual harassment and retaliation.

The victim alleged that when she initially brought her complaint of sexual harassment before the Assembly Rules Committee staff, she was faced with hostility and threats from the accused. She further alleged that it became clear that she wouldn’t find the help that she sought by going to the authorities. She was fired shortly after this incident.

The victim’s story shined a spotlight on the issue of sexual harassment in legislative workplaces. Hundreds of women have publicly denounced a rampant culture of harassment in many of these spaces and have indicated that there’s no safe place to take their grievances.

These recent complaints have moved the Sacramento legislative leaders to review their disciplinary system and investigate potentially guilty parties for punishment. Despite this, the dangers of career derailment and retaliation make it unclear whether women will feel any safer coming forward with their complaints in the near future. Lawyers take cases of sexual harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination, among other cases. We do not represent government employees, but employees of corporations and other private business who believe they have a case should use our contact form and provide us with information.

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