NBCUniversal Sued for Disability Discrimination

NBCUniversal Sued for Disability Discrimination

29 November 2017

NBCUniversal is the target of a recent wrongful termination lawsuit by a former one year employee named Gina De Marco. Some of the allegations include inappropriate behavior by a direct supervisor and disability discrimination.

Though the details remain unclear, De Marco claims that NBCUniversal was unwilling to accommodate her disability and didn’t give her the opportunity to properly work around her limitations. She also asserts that her supervisor made comments about her that contributed to a hostile work environment, which resulted in personal harm.

California law mandates that employers engage in good faith in an interactive process to accommodate workers with disabilities. Aside from specific restrictions, an employer is responsible for providing the tools and environment necessary for disabled employees to be productive unless doing so would cause the employer to suffer an undue hardship (which is often hard to prove). According to De Marco, NBCUniversal failed to provide required accommodations, while also allowing the perpetuation of hostile working conditions.

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