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Perry Smith

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Perry Smith

Partner & Founder

Perry’s Work Has Been Recognized by Judges, Peers, and Even Opponents

"I thought that this was excellent litigating by everybody, particularly most of these papers prepared by [Perry Smith], on plaintiffs' behalf. I admired your skill, your writing. It was a pleasure to read what you write." - Judge Ronald L. Bauer, Orange County Superior Court

"Indeed, the motion for class certification [written by Perry Smith] itself demonstrated [Perry Smith’s] understanding of both the substantive and procedural issues presented by this case, [his] diligence in prosecuting it, and [his] willingness and ability to devote the resources necessary to prosecute it." - California Court of Appeal

"I have a friend who needs [an employment lawyer]. Since you kicked my ass in an employment case I thought of you." - Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles County

Perry has a “Superb” rating with Avvo and was named a “Rising Star” by his peers in SuperLawyers magazine for more than five years as a younger lawyer.

Nearing Two Decades of Pure Employment Litigation Experience

Perry has practiced employment litigation since 2000 and has obtained jury verdicts for compensatory and punitive damages, argued and prevailed in front of the California Court of Appeal on multiple occasions, and recovered millions of dollars for employees who have been discriminated against, retaliated against, and/or subjected to wrongful termination. He has also recovered millions of dollars in unpaid overtime and other wages for employees.

“You Kind of Like the Fight, Don’t You?”

Perry has been asked this question more than once because of his willingness to go to the mat for his clients. And, at times, the fight has required him to go beyond the trial court. Perry has prevailed multiple times at the Court of Appeal. In fact, Perry may be the only lawyer in California to have reversed the same judge three different times in a single case when an abuse of discretion standard of review was applied.

Media & Publications

Perry has been asked to comment on employment litigation on radio and in print. He continues to be available to comment on stories or assist in educating the public regarding issues related to employment law.


During his off time, Perry enjoys spending time with his wife and their twin girls and three dogs, and riding his motorcycle (safely). Perry writes songs as a hobby and wrote a song on piano that placed in the top 10 of the American Idol Songwriter contest. He also wrote a song on guitar called “Picture of Me,” ultimately collaborating on it with the lead singer of the band Quietdrive (Quietdrive had an American Top 40 hit in 2007 with a remake of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”). “Picture of Me” is the eighth track on Quietdrive’s album, Up or Down.

Quietdrive - Picture of Me

For Employment Lawyer Perry Smith, Songwriting Is Just a Hobby; but That Didn’t Stop American Idol From Calling

By Betsy Graca, SuperLawyers (link https://www.superlawyers.com/california-southern/article/his-way/45fd6f15-ccba-4b48-a271-e8e56e82b625.html )

Seeing It From Both Sides

Perry began his practice of employment law at the firm of Payne & Fears LLP in Irvine, CA. While there, Perry learned how to defend employers effectively in lawsuits brought by employees. Perry is a better litigator because he has been on the other side and can often predict the moves of the other side before they are made.

Academic Background

Perry performed well at the University of Georgia School of Law, which was ranked as one of the top public law schools in the country when he attended. Perry ranked in the top ten percent of his first-year class and received a scholarship as a result. He was selected as General Editor and Articles Editor for the School’s most respected legal publication, the Georgia Law Review.

Experience as a Mediator

Perry mediated cases for the Los Angeles County Superior Court’s ADR program. This experience added to Perry’s ability to obtain successful results in difficult cases. Perry’s experience mediating cases has benefited his clients because he is better able to put aside bias when looking at the facts of a case, which is required to obtain the best results for clients.

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